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The Man in the High Castle by Philip. The British First-Person Peripheral Narrator makes a comment about how the offender wasn't Jewish and the protagonist knew that, but Russians were such extreme anti-Semites that this kind of expression was the norm. When moral systems are so different from a reader's culture that they are almost incomprehensible, Blue and Orange Morality is the result. At least theoretically, everybody involved in a prosecution would be severely punished at best if it was later proven that a conviction was erroneous, and it's often a plot point even the superhuman Judge Dee hesitates to act. Furthermore, Canderous's outlook and morality is frequently evil from a Republic point of view, but damn near impeccable from a Mandalorian one.

You told me Alexander never wanted to be a warrior. A follower of the Path of Lilith, which espouses pain as the path to wisdom, would consider killing a human as immoral as a follower of Humanity would, but for the reason that dead humans can't feel pain. Transformers who choose not to transform and have their t-cogs removed are often seen as odd. Parks and Recreation : It's a Running Gag that all of the murals in Pawnee's City Hall are incredibly racist. In the 70's, Cap and The Falcon fought William Burnside and Jack Monroe, the Captain America and Bucky of the 1950's. The Prince of Egypt : Played up with the moral ambiguity of the plagues. Blackbeard doesn't comment on it, nor does Anne Bonney or James Kidd.

In Biblical times, God killing the firstborn sons of your enemies was clearly a good thing. Also present in Bujold's Chalion series, which has a culture loosely based on 15th century Spain. Soma, who hails from the 2000s, isn't sure what unnerves him more; the fact she actually uses words he regards as highly racially insensitive, or the complete innocence with which she does. Played for Laughs in "Twice Upon A Time where the First Doctor makes several casually sexist remarks toward Bill, in keeping with his character (who was written in the 1950's). Mercifully, magic spares us from having to read about medieval European medicine.

In 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Great White Hunter Ned Land asks Captain Nemo's permission to hunt some whales. Equal Rites features the Disc's first female wizard (as opposed to witch) getting looked down upon by other wizards, who believe a female wizard is impossible. They're also prostitutes, some of whom are as young as fourteen. Rape of black women is widespread and accepted. The primary antagonist for the season is also partially motivated by the fact she's utterly pissed off at being considered only useful as an actress for her pretty face, and as she's getting older she's even losing that, when she's. Occurs in-universe with "Consider Her Ways a novella by John Wyndham where the narrator, a doctor from the mid 20th century, finds herself in a post- Gendercide society and engages in a fierce argument with a historian about whether things are better now. She also notes the societal expectation for women, even adulterous ones, to remain in their marriages, even if the men might just walk off. After stopping this, Noland is able to use science to treat the sick and becomes good friends with the tribe's chief.

It may seem disconcerting to see The Beatles (especially Lennon, although it's very obvious from his facial expression and tone of voice that he is mocking such attitudes) referring to "filthy Eastern ways" regarding their cultist pursuers, but. It's noted that there is no stigma against transgender individuals or non-heterosexual romances in his world due to this magic being available. Except the the titular victoria, who are depicted as heroic. Gambling is a way of life and "doube or nothing"dice rolling with the shopkeeper is common when purchasing sundry items. For one example the peaceful Air Nomads were so good and kind due to being brainwashed, and would exile those who disagreed from the temples. He still has enough redeeming qualities to qualify for Noble Bigot with a Badge, but most people wouldn't want him on a modern police force. This is despite the fact that weredragons are explicitly from every class of people, most of them born as very common humans, and that same angry weredragon states his belief that the reason why so many of his.

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Given that vitually everyone in the modern era considers incest. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine : Numerous in universe examples between the various alien races that inhabit the series. Katara: Everybody knows those you don't name have to die! In Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Anamaria's gender makes Gibbs wary of bringing her on the ship because of the belief that women bring bad luck, but eventually relents. In The Lone Ranger the treatment of American Indian peoples, including calling them savages, reflects the time period.

Theater Hamilton takes place in the late 1700's/early 1800's and some of the social trappings of the time couldn't be avoided. Class issues also enter into the question; bound feet were associated with wealth in general and the upper classes, and unbound feet were considered uncouth and a mark of a woman's peasant status, and several references are made. The Dresden Files Concepts like good and bad are foreign ideals to the Fair Folk Harry regularly interacts with. Jayle is the only one who has a problem with this. It's also explicitly stated when they first take the ship together that the reason Adewale takes the role and accepts Edward taking command is that he knows the crew wouldn't accept a black captain. Kino has a rule to try not to judge or interfere, part of why she leaves a country after three days, regardless of its state. When Ned accuses Nemo of being The Butcher, Nemo answers that the cachalots are mischievous creatures and the Nautilus is his weapon. Part of it may be contributed to Green-Eyed Monster as she might have felt threatened by this beautiful, exotic Action Girl. What power we shall wield!

This trope is a strong element in A Brother's Price. The New Athenians are newfoals who rebelled against their programing and created their own society, and while New Athens is at worst Crapsack Only by Comparison and anyone immigrating from Equestria can live there comfortably the newfoals really. The asari also seems to be under the impression that Shepard's anger is due to batarian slave raids on human colonies as the reason why humanity has a no-tolerance approach to slavery. In The Battle for Narn the Centauri just don't get many parts of Human culture. The idea is subverted in an issue of Young Avengers. The process of gaining their trust is a fairly major plot point. Examples include: Jax and Amaya, the two crew members of colour, experiencing first-hand the horrors of Civil War-era slavery. When Ramses is abducting Yuri, he tells her off for struggling against him when he's being so "nice which he defines as "not raping her". Xander learns in Love you to the Moon and Back that Safira was fully aware of Robin Wood sleeping around with younger Slayers despite dating Faith and never mentioned it because she's from a part of Africa.

When Betty sees a psychologist, the psychologist reports to Don about Betty's progress in therapy. Arranged Marriage s are the norm, aristocrats are expected to keep their bloodlines 'pure' by not marrying into 'lesser' families, and genetically engineering one's slaves is perfectly acceptable. The girlfriend clearly loves the movie, until she sees Bruce is appalled at the racist humor and use of Yellowface. The elevator conversations in the first game often invoke this, with squadmates often responding to remarks the others make about their culture by mentioning how things are where they live. After all, they're at war with the French, so anything is allowed, right? Whose attitudes towards women ( including knocking one out cold ) are now seen as incredibly misogynistic (specially considering that the episode aired at a time #MeToo and women's lib were hot topics, whereas the former did not exist during production). One of the villains only disapproves of slavery because it's inefficient due to the risk of slave uprisings, not because of any moral qualms, and slurs like "dago" are heard when Spanish and English troops under the Templars hit a predominantly Mayan Assassin stronghold.

She's a nutter?" In The Machineries of Empire : the Kel culture considers brainwashing to be par for the course and values martyrdom and total obedience above all else. Young Octavian has no qualms in killing. Being a One-Gender Race, someone's gender doesn't really factor into whether or not they are attractive culturally, asari tend to be pansexual, especially since due to the unusual way they reproduce, Homosexual Reproduction and even Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action are actual. They are also all teenagers (the eldest is 18 and find nothing weird about being in the army at their age, and are ashamed at being scared of an alien monster because soldiers aren't supposed to feel afraid. Although challenging sexist lords to duels and beating them is a great way to earn Renown, and in some cases, their respect. Casual racism, sexism and homophobia is all around every corner - one elderly character is shown reminiscing about minstrel shows, the main character (a man from the 2010s) uses the image of a segregated bathroom as a way. Love and Honor is ripe with this, but the kicker is when the (truly lovable) hero throws his (also very sweet) wife out the house for being raped. Space Cop : Ted Cooper is from the 1940s and unfrozen in the present day, so he often blithely expresses anachronistic values, saying things like, "Say, 'Ohn that's a chink name, isn't it?" and "I know women who are smarter.

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Ironically by our standards, the Imperium seems to be racially and sugen på homo att knulla escort trelleborg sexually equal, with the scorn applying only to Fantastic Racism. He drops the fire poker on her corpse and walks briskly out of the room, leaving it for the servants to clean. Once those are used up, though, someone is going to die. To the Dunmer, the Morag Tong are highly respected for what they do, essentially being the alternative to destructive Allowed Internal Wars among the Dunmer Great Houses which weaken the Dunmer overall. During The Roaring '20s. Justicars will stop at nothing to protect the tenets of code, which may or may not overlap with laws even amongst their own species; a Justicar would sacrifice her life to save a city, but would also kill. Eliezer Yudkowsky 's Three Worlds Collide, set in the twenty-fifth century, tells of humanity's first contact with two alien species, both of which possess ethical systems that seem utterly insane both to each other and to the present. Femme Kabuki being set during the Meiji Restoration explicitly points out how corrupt and unfair the new system is and the appeal/shame that comes with "Saint" Jodie Hanabusa-Abbott playing up being Foreign Fanservice to the Japanese audience with her.